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    Sec. 35-128. Same - Per Building.


    Sec. 35-128. Same—Per building.
    (a) Where any building contains more than one (1) entrance serving separate occupants, a separate number shall be assigned to each entrance serving a separate occupant providing such building occupies a lot, parcel or tract having a frontage not less than fifty (50) feet for each such unit. If the building is not located on a lot, parcel or tract which would permit the assignment of one (1) number to each such entrance, numerals and letters shall be used as provided in paragraph (b) of this section.
    (b) Where the superintendent of inspections determines that only one number can be assigned to any house or building, the owner, occupant or agent of such house or building desiring distinctive numbers for any subunit of such house or building, or for any part of the same fronting on any street, shall use the suffix (A), (B), (C), etc., with the assigned number. (Code 1959, § 30-38(1)(a), (2); Ord. of 7-26-77)
    Last updated date: 10/23/2006 4:15:21 PM