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    Sec. 35-126. Same - Annexed Areas after August 1, 1977.

    Sec. 35-126. Same—Annexed areas after August 1, 1977.

    This section shall become effective on and after the first day of August, 1977, to all streets in the area annexed by the city on the first day of January, 1976.
    (a) All streets emanating from the city (prior to annexation) and continuing into the annexed area shall reflect a continuation of the existing house numbers, as recognized by the superintendent of inspections. Said continuation of numbering shall be in compliance with all applicable provisions of this article.
    (b) All other annexed streets shall be numbered in compliance with this article and shall commence with number "100" at the origin of such street (as determined by the superintendent of inspections) and increasing at the rate of one hundred (100) numbers for each distance of eight hundred (800) feet or at the intersection of two (2) through streets, whichever is less. Assignment of house numbers will occur at fifty (50) foot intervals, unless existing numbers are established at longer intervals.
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