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    Sec. 35-104. Suffix Definitions.


    Sec. 35-104. Suffix definitions.
    The following street name suffix definitions shall be applied to all new street names after the twenty-sixth day of July, 1977. The city traffic engineer will resolve all cases of interpretation of the following definitions:
    Alley or lane: A local street, usually short in length.
    Avenue, boulevard or road: A divided or undivided arterial street with controlled access.
    Circle: A local curved street forming all or part of a circle and having an intersection at each end.
    Court, square or place: A local street, usually a short cul-de-sac.
    Drive or street: A collector or local street usually several blocks in length and intersecting with other streets.
    Expressway: A high-speed, divided highway with access fully or partially controlled and grade separations at major intersections.
    Parkway or highway: A landscaped through street which may serve as an arterial, collector or scenic route.
    Terrace: A local street usually short in length and with or without a terrace in the center. (Code 1959, § 30-39(1)(b); Ord. of 7-26-77)
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