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    Sec. 35-10. Construction and Use of Railway Lines, Poles, etc.


    Sec. 35-10. Construction and use of railway lines, poles, etc.
    When the council shall permit any person to construct sewers, lay railway lines, erect poles, stretch wires, lay pipes or do any kind of work that involves in any way the free and untrammeled use of the streets or sidewalks or the safe use of the same, either temporarily or permanently, such work shall be performed and such properties, when completed, shall be used and conducted according to such reasonable regulations as are prescribed by this chapter or may be hereafter promulgated by the council. All such work shall be so performed and all such properties shall be so used and operated as to obstruct as little as possible the ordinary use of the streets, and so as not to endanger persons or property. If any person violates this section, he shall be deemed guilty of a class 4 misdemeanor, and if he fails to conform to it within a reasonable time after having been notified to do so by the city manager, each day's default shall constitute a separate offense. Upon such default, it shall be the duty of the city manager either to abate the nuisance caused by the violation of this section, by the destruction or removal of the properties or the discontinuance of the use of the same, or by altering the same so as to make it conform to this section. In this event, the violator of this section shall in addition to the penalty prescribed by Section 1-13 be fined a sum equal to all the expenses incurred in and about the destruction, removal, discontinuance or alteration of the aforesaid works and properties. The contractor or person performing such work, as well as the owner or operator, shall be held to be within the meaning of this section. (Code 1959, § 30-19)
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