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    Sec. 34-12.1. Schedule of Sewer Rates.


    Sec. 34-12.1.  Schedule of sewer rates.
    (a) The monthly sewer rates for all consumers within the city shall be five dollars and eighty three cents $5.83 per h.c.f. of water used provided, however, that the rate of any party discharging industrial waste or processed water into the city system pursuant to an individual contract shall be as provided in such contract.
    (b) The monthly sewer rate for customer accounts deemed “sewer only” (customers within the city without a water service connection) shall be forty seven dollars and eighteen cents $47.18. This rate is derived as follows: (monthly volume charge of $5.83 per h.c.f. x 7 h.c.f. + a monthly service charge of six dollars and thirty seven cents $6.37).
    (c)  In addition to the sewer rates provided in this section, a high strength waste surcharge is established for all customers with discharges in excess of twenty-five thousand (25,000) gallons per day and having biological oxygen demand and/or suspended solids concentrations in excess of normal wastewater.
    The surcharge shall be as follows:
     (1) For BOD concentrations in excess of three hundred (300) milligrams per liter (MG/l), twenty three dollars and fifty two cents ($23.52) per one hundred (100) pounds.
    (2) For suspended solids concentrations in excess of four hundred (400) milligrams per liter (MG/l), twenty six dollars and sixty cents ($26.60) per one hundred (100) pounds.
    (3) Truck hauled wastes disposal charges for residential and restaurant wastes as defined in Section 34-13 will be assessed at the following rates: two hundred four dollars and ninety cents ($204.90) up to a limit of two thousand five hundred (2,500) gallons of capacity and thirty four dollars and seventy-four cents ($34.74) for each five hundred (500) gallons of capacity over two thousand five hundred (2,500) gallons. Truck hauled wastes for special contract holders shall be charged in accordance to the terms of the contracting agreement.
    (d) Annually, the director of financial services shall compute the average of each residential customer's level of monthly water consumption in hundred cubic feet (h.c.f.) for the most recent period beginning with the first billing in November and ending with the second billing in April. By multiplying this monthly average by 1.25, a seasonal consumption limit for sewer billing shall be derived for each residential account. This limit will apply during the period for the first billing in May through the second billing in October. This adjustment shall apply only to residential bills and shall not apply to any customers using water for the purpose of manufacturing or for commercial or multifamily dwellings.
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