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    Sec. 34-11.1. Unpolluted Waters Prohibited in Sanitary Sewers.


    Sec. 34-11.1. Unpolluted waters prohibited in sanitary sewers.
    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to discharge or cause to be discharged to the sanitary sewer any unpolluted waters such as storm water, ground water, roof runoff or subsurface drainage.
    (b) All existing connected rainleaders are to be removed from the sewer system according to the council-adopted policies and guidelines entitled "Rainleader Disconnect Program". Reconnection of rainleaders to the sewer, without prior permission from the program administrator, will not be allowed. For purposes of this section a rainleader shall be defined as any conduit that conveys stormwater into the city sewer lines. A copy of the "Rainleader Disconnect Program" policies and guidelines shall be kept in the office of the department of public works and shall be available for review upon request. Any persons reconnecting rainleaders once a disconnect is completed, will be in violation of the provisions of this section and shall b e guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. Whenever a rainleader is reconnected it shall be presumed that the reconnect was done by or with permission of the property owner; provided, however, that such presumption shall be rebuttable by competent evidence. (Ord. No. O-95-269, 9-26-95; Ord. No. O-96-092, 4-23-96)
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