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    Sec. 34-10. Removal of Obstructions.


    Sec. 34-10. Removal of obstructions.
    In case of any stoppage in the main or public sewers, the city shall remove the obstruction. If the stoppage is in the building sewer or drain, the property owner whose property it connects with the main sewer shall remove any such obstruction. In the event of failure by such owner to remove the obstruction, the city, at the expense of the owner [which shall include the cost of all materials, labor and equipment, plus fifteen (15) per cent], shall remove such obstruction; provided, however, that the owner will install at his cost on the boundary between his property and the city right-of-way, an approved sewer clean-out. The city at its cost will then maintain that portion of the building sewer line on city property. An approved clean-out shall be defined as one installed by the property owner, inspected and approved by the utilities division and inspections division. That portion of the building sewer between the clean-out and the main sewer shall be inspected to determine that it is free of any obstructions, properly aligned, no defects exist in the pipe, and the pipe material meets city standards. If a clean-out installation fails to meet the above criteria, it shall be rejected and the property owner shall be notified in writing of the reason for rejection, with a copy forwarded to the plumbing inspector. Once the deficiency has been corrected the owner may request a second inspection. If the existing connection cannot be made acceptable and the property owner desires that the city maintain that portion of the service from the main or public sewer to his property line, the owner shall apply for a new connection to be installed and pay all applicable fees. A list of approved connections accepted under this section shall be maintained by the utilities division. (Code 1959, § 29-11; Ord. of 6-12-79; Ord. No. O-87-265, § 1, 11-24-87; eff. 1-1-88)
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