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    Sec. 33-7. Bridges.


    Sec. 33-7. Bridges.
    (a) Whenever any railroad company, canal company or other public carrier shall by the terms of its franchise, or by order of the council or on its own volition cross any street or alley above or below grade so as to separate its traffic from highway traffic, the design of the bridge or other structure shall first be approved by the city manager and shall provide for all reasonable loads and give sufficient width of driveway for highway traffic to avoid congestion, inconvenience or danger to such traffic, and should any such existing bridge or structure be so arranged or designed as to require any caution sign or signs, or should the improvement of the street or any other reason cause such sign or signs to be necessary at such location, then suitable signs shall be erected and maintained by the company at its expense; and no condition constituting a hazard, in the opinion of the city manager, shall be allowed to remain without the erection of a suitable sign more than five (5) days, but the erection of such sign, unless specifically authorized by the city manager, shall not relieve the company from the requirement of eliminating such hazard within thirty (30) days from notice by the city manager.
    (b) Any bridge to carry highway traffic over any railway track, canal or other properties of any such company holding a franchise under the laws of the city shall be designed to carry the maximum load permitted by the laws of the state on the highways of the state, and any existing bridge which does not meet this requirement shall be reconstructed or otherwise made safe for the purpose, unless in the opinion of the city manager local conditions warrant his permission for a lighter load limit, in which case, suitable signs shall be maintained as required above. For the maintenance of any structure or condition in violation of the above, the company shall be punished as provided in section 1-13 and each day such condition is allowed to exist after notice to the local agent of such company shall constitute a separate offense. (Code 1959, § 28-7)
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