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    Sec. 30-21. Duties and Powers.


    Sec. 30-21. Duties and powers.
    In addition to the powers granted under Title 15.1 of the Code of Virginia, the planning commission shall advise with the various department heads of the city as to the location of projected thoroughfares, streets and avenues, parks, and public playgrounds, their enlargement, widening, etc.; make suggestions as to the location and character of public buildings and public improvements generally; work and advise with any expert who may be employed by the city dealing with such questions; recommend to council their approval or disapproval of plans for subdivisions; recommend the opening and closing of streets, the widening of the same and the establishment of setback building lines; make plans looking to the future development of the city, both within and without the present corporate limits; and generally act in an advisory capacity to the board of zoning appeals and the city council with reference to plans for the development of the city. (Code 1959, § 24-3)
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