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    Sec. 29-7. Street Drumming or Soliciting.


    Sec. 29-7. Street drumming or soliciting.
    No person shall obstruct or unduly interfere in any way with the passage of persons along any of the public highways of the city for the purpose of inducing them to purchase any article or thing, or to enter any shop, store or stall, or any hotel, boardinghouse, restaurant, garage or like establishment, or shall importune passersby to make any such purchase or to enter any such establishment or shall in any disorderly or undue manner solicit trade, custom or patronage in or along the public highways of the city, or shall solicit in any manner patronage for garage service in the street or on the sidewalk in front of any hotel in the city; provided, however, that uniformed garage attendants, with storage tickets, shall be permitted to solicit garage service in front of hotels. (Code 1959, § 30-30)
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