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    Sec. 28-7.1. Prohibited Activity in City Stadium.


    Sec. 28-7.1. Prohibited activity in city stadium.
    If any person shall commit any of the following activities within the city stadium shall be guilty of a class 4 misdemeanor.
    (a) No one shall use, operate or permit to be played, used or operated any radio, receiving set, tape player, musical instrument, phonograph, loud speaker, sound amplifier, or any other machine or device for the producing or the recording of sound in such a manner as to be audible at a distance of fifty (50) feet from the location of such device unless such person has obtained prior written permission from the director of public works or his designee.
    (b) No person shall take a drink of any alcoholic beverages or tender a drink thereof to another, whether accepted or not, in any portion of the stadium facilities except those areas of the city stadium that have been specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol.
    (c) No one shall leave a motor vehicle or other vehicle standing or parked in any established parking area or elsewhere in the stadium facilities during the hours that the city stadium is closed.
    (d) No person shall commit any other activity in the city stadium which activity has been prohibited by a sign or signs posted by the city. (Ord. No. O-89-039, § 1, 2-14-89)
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