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    Sec. 27-106. Alarm User's Permits Required.


    Sec. 27-106. Alarm user's permits required.
    (a) Every alarm user shall obtain an alarm user's permit from the City of Lynchburg, department of emergency services for each alarm system. No alarm system located within the city shall be activated without the alarm user having first obtained an alarm user permit as described within this subsection. Such a permit shall be obtained from the City of Lynchburg within one hundred twenty (120) days from the effective date of this article or prior to the use of an alarm system which is installed subsequent to the expiration of one hundred twenty (120) days from the effective date of this article.
    (1) The alarm user shall purchase an annual alarm user's permit for each alarm system within the corporate limits of the City of Lynchburg, which is intended and/or designed, when activated, to generate a response from one or more municipal public safety agencies. Effective on July 1, 1996, and for each year thereafter, unless otherwise changed by city council, the annual fee for the alarm permit shall be paid by the “alarm user” and imposed as follows:
    a. Business/industry alarm systems: fifty-five dollars ($55);
    b. Small business, non-profit and governmental agencies alarm system: forty-five dollars ($45);
    c. Residential alarm system: thirty dollars ($30); and 
    d. The city retains the right to pro-rate permits that are obtained after July 1st of each year.
    NOTE: An “audible alarm” system unconnected to a central station may require a user permit for one (1) year should the alarm generate more than four (4) false alarm responses in a single permit year from any public safety agency. All user permit requirements for audible alarm systems may be appealed to the false alarm appeal's committee.
    (2) The application for an alarm user's permit shall be made on an alarm permit application form which is available from the department of emergency services, alarm coordinator and on-line at lynchburgva.gov. Payment of the permit fee for each alarm system shall accompany the application to the city collections division.
    (3) Every person applying for more than one alarm permit at one location shall pay the alarm user's permit fee for each permit up to five (5) permits. Regardless of the number of permits, the total fee shall not exceed five times the single permit fee for any one location.
    (4) The initial alarm permit may be obtained at any time; however, all alarm permits expire on June 30th with renewal due between May 15th and June 30th of each year following the issuance of the permit. Permits are not transferable from one user to another user, or from one address to another address and no permit refunds will be issued for disconnecting alarm service during an alarm year. It shall be the duty of the alarm user to maintain current permit information.
    (b) No alarm system receivers shall be installed at the Lynchburg department of emergency services, emergency communications center.
    (c) An alarm user whose permits has been revoked may apply for a reissued alarm permit in accordance with the fee schedule in Section 27-108 (j). (Ord. No. O-91-276, 11-12-91, eff. 1-1-92; Ord. No. O-93-112, 4-27-93; Ord. No. O-96-140, 5-28-96; Ord. No. O-00-009, 01-11-00, eff. 01-01-00; Ord. No. O-11-068, 5-24-11)
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