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    Sec. 25-37. Powers of City Manager - Generally.


    Sec. 25-37. Powers of city manager—Generally.
    The city manager shall have general supervision and control of the management and direction of all vehicular and pedestrian traffic and of the parking and routing of vehicles in the interest of the public safety, comfort and convenience not inconsistent with the provisions of Code of Virginia, Title 46.2. The city manager may cause appropriate signs to be erected and maintained, designating residence and business districts, school, hospital and safety zones, highways and railway crossings, arterial streets, arterial stops, turns at intersections, traffic lanes and such other signs as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. The City Manager shall have power to regulate the traffic by means of traffic officers or semaphores or other signaling devices on any portion of the highway where traffic is heavy or continuous, or where in his judgment conditions may require, and may prohibit other than one-way traffic upon certain highways, and may regulate the use of the highways by processions and assemblages. The city manager shall have the power to regulate the parking and stopping of vehicles on the public streets including the power to establish restricted parking areas. The city manager may adopt any such regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter which shall be deemed advisable and necessary, including the repeal, amendment or modification of any such regulations; provided, however, that such regulations, laws or rules shall not be deemed to be violated, if at the time of the alleged violation any sign or designation required under the terms of this chapter is missing, effaced, mutilated or defaced so that an ordinarily observant person under the same circumstances would not be apprised of or aware of the existence of such rule. (Code 1959, § 20-3; Ord. No. O-95-242, 9-12-95)
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