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    Sec. 25-335. Requirements of Signal Devices.


    Sec. 25-335. Requirements of signal devices.
    (a) Every signal device intended and used to give a signal of intention to turn a vehicle shall be so constructed and so installed as to give a signal plainly visible in clear weather and under normal traffic conditions from a distance of at least one hundred (100) feet to the rear and one hundred (100) feet to the front of the vehicle; and provided that no front signal shall be required on vehicles manufactured or assembled before January 1, 1943.
    (b) Motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers, when temporarily stopped on the traveled or paved portion of the highway so as to create a traffic hazard, shall use all four (4) turn signals simultaneously to signal approaching motorists of the existing hazard whenever such vehicle is equipped with a device which will cause the four (4) turn signals to flash simultaneously. All four (4) signals may be flashed simultaneously on a vehicle stopped at the scene of a traffic hazard, but in no event shall all four (4) signals be flashed simultaneously while the vehicle is in motion.
    (c) Motor vehicles may be equipped with a braking warning system or device which will cause the vehicle's brake lights to flash when the vehicle is in motion but committed to an emergency or panic stop. (Code 1959, § 20-190)
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