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    Sec. 25-293. Designation of Area.


    Sec. 25-293. Designation of area.
    Should the city manager, based upon studies conducted by the city traffic engineer, ascertain that parking spaces on the streets within a particular residential area or distinct portion of such residential area, not less than the lesser of three hundred and sixty (360) feet or one city block, unless the street in such district is abutted by unimproved land, in which case said minimum lengths shall not apply, are used for the consistent parking of vehicles not belonging to the residents of the particular area to such an extent as to create congestion, excessive noise, air pollution, and cause the residents of such areas unreasonable burdens in gaining access to their residences and that through a petition to the city signed by a majority of the contiguous property owners to the streets of such area, or portion thereof, desire the establishment of such area as a permit parking area, then the city manager shall establish such area as a permit parking district. The issuance of a permit does not guarantee an on-street parking space will be available. (Code 1959, § 20-142.2(a); Ord. of 3-13-79; Ord. No. O-80-024, § 1 (20-142.2(a)), 1-22-80; Ord. No. O-81-165, § 1, 8-11-81; Ord. No. O-09-123, 10-13-09, eff. 1-1-10)
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