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    Sec. 25-279. Sale Authorized.


    Sec. 25-279. Sale authorized.
    Should the owner of a vehicle removed under the provisions of this division fail or refuse to pay the costs of such removal and storage thereof, or should the identity or whereabouts of such owner be unknown or unascertainable after a diligent search has been made, and after notice to him at his last-known address and to the holder of any lien of record in the office of the state division of motor vehicles, the chief of police after holding the motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer thirty (30) days and after due notice of sale, dispose of the same at public sale and the proceeds from such sale shall be forwarded by the chief of police to the city collector. (Code 1959, § 20-147; Ord. No. O-88-013, § 1, 1-26-88)
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