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    Sec. 25-262. Parking Prohibitions within Certain Areas.


    Sec. 25-262. Parking prohibitions within certain areas.
    (a) No vehicle, other than a passenger vehicle, pickup or panel truck not exceeding an actual gross weight of seven thousand five hundred (7,500) pounds, shall be parked or left standing in any street of the city in any residential district thereof, for any purpose or length of time, other than for the unloading and delivery or pick-up and loading of merchandise, materials or passengers or while making service calls. Provided, however, that even when engaged in the above-described activities no oversized vehicle shall be parked upon a residential street for any period in excess of forty-eight (48) hours. This prohibition shall not apply to vehicles being used in connection with city projects for the construction, repair, maintenance, remodeling, alteration, grading or other improvement of city-owned property, public streets, public sewers or city-owned utility lines. Vehicles being used in connection with non-city utility and construction work may be allowed to park on residential streets for periods in excess of forty-eight (48) hours with the prior written permission of the city traffic engineer.
    (b) No vehicle intended or designed to transport caustic, flammable, explosive or otherwise dangerous materials shall be permitted to be parked over-night on a residential street.
    (c) During the time an oversized vehicle is temporarily parked on a residential street it must be parked in such a manner that it does not impede or render dangerous the use of the public street by others. (Code 1959, § 20-142(c); Ord. No. O-96-145, 5-28-96)
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