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    Sec. 24.1-9. Platting and Recording Required.


    Sec. 24.1-9. Platting and recording required.   
    Any subdivider of any tract of land situated within the City of Lynchburg shall cause a plat of such subdivision, with reference to known or permanent monuments, to be made and recorded in the office of the clerk of the circuit court of the City of Lynchburg. No such plat of subdivision shall be recorded unless and until it shall have been submitted, approved and certified by the city planner in accordance with the regulations set forth in this ordinance. No lot shall be sold in the subdivision before the plat shall have been recorded. Before any permits are issued to begin construction, the subdivider shall submit a notarized letter, or a copy of the plat with the clerk of courts’ seal and signature, to the city planner certifying that the plat has been recorded with the clerk of the circuit court. (Ord. No. O-89-248, § 1, 9-12-89; Ord. No. O-10-034, 4-27-10, eff. 7-1-10)
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