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    Sec. 24.1-33. Monuments.


    Sec. 24.1-33. Monuments.
    (a) Visible for inspection: Upon completion of subdivision streets, sewers and other improvements, the subdivider shall make certain that all monuments required by the city are clearly visible for inspection and use. Such monuments shall be inspected and approved by the city before any improvements are accepted by the governing body. All monuments shall be set by a surveyor licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    (b) Location—concrete: Two (2) permanent reinforced monuments as prescribed by the city shall be placed on the longest street tangent intervisible. Such permanent monuments shall be as specified in the City of Lynchburg, Manual of Specifications and Standard Details.
    (c) Location—iron: All other lot corners shall be marked with pipe or solid iron not less than one-half (1/2) inch in diameter and fifteen (15) inches long and driven so as to be flush with the finished grade. When rock is encountered, surveyor shall determine a suitable method for providing a permanent marker. (Ord. No. O-10-034, 4-27-10, eff. 7-1-10)
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