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    Sec. 24.1-29. Blocks.


    Sec. 24.1-29. Blocks.
    (a) Residential: Residential blocks shall be in conformance with the following:
    (1) Length: The maximum length of blocks generally shall be twelve hundred (1,200) feet and the minimum length of blocks upon which lots have frontage shall be five hundred (500) feet unless topographic conditions prohibit the same.
    (2) Width: Blocks shall be wide enough to allow two (2) tiers of lots of minimum depth, unless prevented by topographical conditions or size of the property. Where the parcel fronts on a major thoroughfare, the city may approve a single tier of lots of minimum depth.
    (3) Orientation: Where a subdivision adjoins a major thoroughfare, the city may require that the lesser dimension of the block shall front or back upon such major thoroughfare to avoid unnecessary ingress or egress.
    (b) Nonresidential: Blocks intended for nonresidential use shall be designed specifically for such purposes with adequate space set aside for off-street parking and delivery facilities in accordance with the zoning ordinance.
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