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    Sec. 24.1-28. Lots.


    Sec. 24.1-28. Lots.
    Lots platted shall be in conformance with the following:
    (a) Shape: The lot arrangement, design and shape shall be such that lots will provide satisfactory and desirable sites for buildings, and be properly related to topography, and conform to requirements of this ordinance. Lots shall not contain peculiarly shaped elongations solely to provide necessary square footage of area which would be unusable.
    (b) Location:
    (1) Each lot shall have frontage on a public street or an existing private street, as defined in Section 24.1-5. Words and terms, reflected on the subdivision plat, or on a street which has become public by right of use, except lots in planned unit developments, cluster commercial developments, and townhouse developments.
    (2) Lots in planned unit developments, cluster commercial developments, and townhouse developments may front on private common drives and/or easements within the development which have access to an improved public street. Responsibility for maintenance of said private streets shall be with the association charged with management and ownership of common open space, property and facilities and shall be so stated on the plat.
    (c) Corner lots: Corner lots shall have extra width sufficient for maintenance of required building lines on both streets as required by the zoning or subdivision ordinance, whichever is more restrictive.
    (d) Side lines: Side lines of lots shall be approximately at right angles, or radial to the street line and be marked plainly before inspection by the city.
    (e) Remnants: All remnants of lots below minimum size, as required in the zoning ordinance, left over after subdividing of a tract must be added to adjacent lots.
    (f) Separate ownership: Where the land covered by a subdivision includes two (2) or more parcels in separate ownership, and lot arrangement is such that a property ownership line divides one (1) or more lots, a signed statement with free consent by all owners, proprietors and trustees shall accompany the final plat and lot sizes and arrangement shall meet the requirements of this ordinance. Said statement is to be deposited with the city planner and held with the final plat until the subdivider is ready to record same, and they both shall then be recorded together.
    (g) House numbers and street names: House numbering and street naming shall be in accordance with the city street naming/house numbering ordinance.
    (h) Standards for cluster housing developments: All units for sale in cluster housing developments must meet minimum standards specified in Section 35.1-56 of the zoning ordinance.
     (Ord. No. O-79-330, § 1, 11-13-79; Ord. No. O-89-248, § 1, 9-12-89; Ord. No. O-10-034, 4-27-10, eff. 7-1-10)
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