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    Sec. 23-6. Special Records.


    Sec. 23-6. Special records.
    (a) Dealers in the following articles and items shall prepare a record of all such goods acquired by him from other than a licensed dealer:
    (1) Wearing apparel of any nature.
    (2) Automobile tires, parts, accessories or equipment of any kind of character.
    (3) Furniture, rugs, curtains, shades, pictures or other furnishings of a similar character.
    (b) Such records shall contain a brief description of each article so acquired, when the same was acquired and the name, race and address of the person from whom the same was acquired.
    (c) Any such dealer may be required to document all such sales or acquisitions to the police department upon their request, and such records shall be made available for inspection by any officer of the police department upon request. (Code 1959, §§ 9-7—9-9)
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