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    Sec. 22.1-7. Designated Smoking Areas.


    Sec. 22.1-7. Designated smoking areas.
    The owner or person in charge of any building, structure, space, place or area in which smoking is prohibited may designate separate rooms or areas in which smoking is permitted, provided that:
    (1) The designated smoking area should preferably be limited to twenty five (25) percent, but in any event shall not exceed fifty (50) percent of that portion of the building, structure, space, place or area open to the general public.
    (2) Notwithstanding the fifty (50) percent limitation, the designated smoking areas may not encompass any area outlined in Section 22.1-3, subsections (a) (1), (3), (4), (6), (12) and (15).
    (3) Designated smoking areas shall be separate to the extent reasonably practicable from those rooms or areas entered by the public in the normal course of use of the particular business or institution.
    (4) In designated smoking areas, existing ventilation systems and existing physical barriers shall be used when reasonably practical to minimize the toxic effect of smoke and the permeation of smoke into no smoking areas. (Ord. No. O-89-173, § 1, 6-27-89)
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