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    Sec. 22.1-2. Definitions.


    Sec. 22.1-2. Definitions.
    The following words and phrases shall, for purposes of this chapter, have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:
    (a) "Bar" or "lounge area" shall mean an area or a room utilized primarily for the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption by patrons on the premises and in which the sale of food is merely incidental to the sale of alcoholic beverages. Although a restaurant may contain a bar or lounge area, the term "bar" or "lounge area" shall not be construed to encompass an entire restaurant or any dining area.
    (b) "Child care facility" shall mean any facility which regularly keeps more than five non-related children or keeps five or less non-related children in a non-residential setting, whether public or private.
    (c) "Food store" shall mean any supermarket or grocery store which is designed and arranged to display food products and which has as its primary business purpose the sale of food products to consumers for consumption off the premises, and not for resale.
    (d) "Health care facility" shall mean any office or institution providing individual care or treatment of diseases, whether physical, mental or emotional, or other medical, physiological conditions, including but not limited to, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, homes for the aging or chronically ill, laboratories, offices of any physician, dentist, psychologist, psychiatrist, physiologist, podiatrist, optometrist, chiropractor or optician.
    (e) "Person" shall mean any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind.
    (f) "Public meeting or hearing" shall mean any meeting, assembly or hearing held in a public building or building leased for a public purpose which is open to the public for the conduct of the affairs of, and the transaction of business by, any legislative, administrative or advisory body or agency of the city, including boards, commissions, authorities, committees, and any other subordinate groups thereof, receiving or expending, and supported in whole or in part by, public funds.
    (g) "Public place" shall mean an enclosed area available for use by, or accessible to, the general public during the normal course of business, conducted by either private or public entities.
    (h) "Restaurant" shall mean any building, structure, or area used as, maintained as, advertised as, or held out to the public to be an establishment where food is made available to be consumed on the premises. Restaurants shall also include any cafeteria area or other area in any private place of employment, industry or other place of employment that has been set aside or designated for the consumption of food by employees.
    (i) "Retail or service establishment" shall mean any establishment which offers goods or services for sale to the general public.
    (j) "Shared work area" shall mean any enclosed area on the premises of a place of employment (1) in which two or more employees are assigned to work for most of their work day, (2) where such employees must share common work spaces, equipment or facilities, and (3) where each such employee is aware of or readily available to observe the activities of others taking place in his or her work area.
    (k) "Smoke" or "smoking" shall mean the carrying or holding of a lighted or smoldering pipe, cigar or cigarette of any kind, or any other lighted smoking equipment, or the lighting, inhaling or exhaling of a pipe, cigar, or cigarette of any kind.
    (l) "Theater" shall mean any indoor facility or auditorium, open to the public, which is primarily used for, or designed for, the purpose of exhibiting any motion picture, stage production, musical recital, dance, lecture or other similar performance. (Ord. No. O-89-173, § 1, 6-27-89)
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