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    Sec. 21.2-8. Maintenance of Containers.


    Sec. 21.2-8. Maintenance of containers.
    Every waste container required by this article shall be maintained in as sanitary condition as possible in view of the use to which it is put, and shall be thoroughly cleansed as needed by washing, sanitizing or otherwise. All waste containers shall be kept in good condition, and solid waste shall not be placed in any container that is so constructed or is so defective that the contents leak or spill. Waste carts provided by the city are the property of the city and should remain at the address specified upon delivery. Waste carts are warranted by the manufacturer and the resident shall notify the city of any defects or problems with the carts. Waste carts may be changed to a different size once per year for an administrative waste cart change fee established by city. (Ord. No. O-91-056, 3-26-91, eff. 4-1-91; Ord. No. O-93-246, 9-14-93, eff. 10-1-93; Ord. No. O-03-113, 6-10-03, eff. 7-1-03; Ord. No. O-12-098, 9-11-12)
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