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    Sec. 21.2-7. Same - Plastic Bags.


    Sec. 21.2-7. Same—Approved prepaid plastic trash bags.
    Approved prepaid plastic trash bags as described herein shall constitute an approved waste container, and when plastic bags are used for the disposal of solid waste, the same shall conform to the following specifications:
    (a) Residents may purchase approved prepaid trash bags for use inside an approved waste container or for occasional extra refuse that does not fit in trash container. Bags can be purchased at various vendor locations approved by the city and will display the City of Lynchburg seal. Fees for approved prepaid trash bags will cover all disposal costs.
    (b) Thirty-two (32) gallon bags shall not be filled to exceed fifty (50) pounds in weight.

    (c) Approved prepaid plastic trash bags containing solid waste shall be securely tied when placed outside for collection to prevent refuse from falling out.

    (d) Approved prepaid plastic trash bags are for one time use only and will be collected and disposed of by city employees.
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