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    Sec. 21.2-39. Placement for Collection.


    Sec. 21.2-39. Placement for collection.
    (a) All solid waste collections made by commercial collectors shall be made directly from the premises of the owner, and any empty containers shall be returned directly to said premises.
    (b) No person shall place any commercial container on public property or in public right-of-way without written permission of the city manager or his designee, nor shall any person place such container on private property in such a way that collection of solid waste will obstruct or impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic or otherwise create a safety hazard for traffic.
    (c) It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to ensure all commercial containers and the immediate area around them shall be kept clean and sanitary at all times. Solid waste shall be completely contained within such container, and all doors of the unit shall be kept closed. Containers shall conform to all state and federal regulations regarding storm water run-off. (Ord. No. O-91-056, 3-26-91, eff. 4-1-91; Ord. No. O-93-246, 9-14-93, eff. 10-1-93; Ord. No. O-97-201, 9-23-97, eff. 10-1-97)
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