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    Sec. 21.2-32. Administration, Prohibition.


    Sec. 21.2-32. Administration, prohibition.
    (a) The city manager or his designee shall be responsible for overseeing and employing reasonable discretion in the design, implementation and administration of the variable fee-based disposal system. Any interpretation of sections 21.2-26 through 21.2-32 shall be the responsibility of the city manager or his designee.
    (b) The city manager or his designee shall have the authority to designate one or more persons to perform all or part of his duties and exercise his rights granted under this chapter.
    (c)  It shall be unlawful for any person to steal, copy, or counterfeit an approved prepaid plastic trash bag or to steal, copy, counterfeit, alter, or deface any official decal issued pursuant to section 21.2-31 of this chapter.

    (d) The director of public works, with the approval of the city manager, shall have the authority to adopt an appeals process for customers who believe the provisions of this chapter have been applied in error.  All appeals shall be in accordance with the process adopted by the director of public works.  A copy of the appeals process shall be kept in office of the director of the department of public works and in the city manager's office, and shall be available for review upon request. (Ord. No. O-93-246, 9-14-93, eff. 10-1-93; Ord. No. O-97-201, 9-23-97, eff. 10-1-97; Ord. No. O-14-012, 1-28-14)