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    Sec. 21.1-4. Commercial Establishments and Institutions.


    Sec. 21.1-4. Commercial establishments and institutions.
    (a) Generally. It shall be the duty of each owner, occupant, proprietor or operator of any business, industry or institution situated within the city at all times to keep his premises clean of litter thrown or left on the premises by customers or generated by the business's, industry's or institution's operation, and to take reasonable measures to prevent the same from drifting or blowing to adjoining premises. The premises include, but are not restricted to, public and private sidewalks, roads, street gutters, alleys, grounds, parking lots, loading and unloading areas and all vacant lots which are owned or leased by said establishment or institution or are adjacent thereto.
    (b) Receptacles. Receptacles of sufficient size and number shall be placed on the premises accessible to customers and employees of any business, industry or institution where articles of waste referred to in subsection (a) may be disposed of.
    (c) Signs. Each and every business establishment, industry or institution shall place upon its premises in conspicuous places and in close proximity to the receptacles required by subsection (b) signs which shall, in essence, convey to its customers and employees a request that they use such receptacles for the disposal of waste material. (Ord. No. O-85-113, § 1, 5-28-85; Ord. No. O-99-196, 8-10-99)
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