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    Sec. 21.1-3. Littering Prohibited.


    Sec. 21.1-3. Littering prohibited.
    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to drop, deposit, discard, throw, leave or otherwise dispose of litter in or upon any public or private property within the City of Lynchburg except in public receptacles, or in authorized private receptacles provided for public use, or in an area designated by the state department of health as a permitted disposal site.
    (b) Whenever any public or private dumpster or other receptacle has been specifically designated by signs or markings for the disposal of recyclable materials only, it shall be unlawful for any person to dispose of any litter, refuse, or waste in such dumpster or receptacle other than those recyclable materials that have been designated as appropriate for such dumpster or receptacle.
    (c) When a violation of the provisions of this section has been observed by any person, and the litter dumped or disposed of in the highway, right-of-way, property adjacent to such highway or right-of-way, or private property has been ejected from a motor vehicle, the owner or operator of such motor vehicle shall be presumed to be the person ejecting such litter; provided, however, that such presumption shall be rebuttable by competent evidence.
    (d) When any person is arrested for a violation of this section, and the matter alleged to have been dumped or disposed of on the street, highway, right-of-way, or public or private property has been ejected from a motor vehicle, the arresting officer may comply with the provisions of Section 25-21 of this code in making such arrest. (Ord. No. O-85-113, § 1, 5-28-85; Ord. No. O-90-034, 2-13-90)
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