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    Sec. 2-350. Director.


    Sec. 2-350. Director.
    The district health department shall be under the immediate control of a director appointed by the state health commissioner with the approval of the city manager; and, whenever the phrases "health officer" or "director of public health and welfare" are used in this code, or in any other ordinance or resolution of the city, they shall henceforth be taken to mean "director of district health department," except as to duties heretofore performed by the director of public health with respect to the administration of the Virginia Public Welfare and Assistance Act and the Lynchburg Nursing Home, the latter duties having been specifically assigned to the director of social services, and the duties relating to the bureau of weights and measures, which bureau has been specifically placed under the jurisdiction of the police division of the department of public safety.
    The director of district health department may also hold the title of director of public health of the city upon authorization of the city manager. (Code 1959, § 2-68)
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