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    Sec. 2-107. Duties.


    Sec. 2-107. Duties.
    (a) It shall be the duty of the city attorney to take the management, charge and control of all law business of the city, and to be, in regard to all municipal affairs, the legal adviser of the council, city manager, or any of the several officers and departments of the city government, and when requested by the council, city council member or by any department of the city government, he shall furnish written or verbal opinions upon subjects involving questions of law in which the city is interested.
    (b) It shall be his duty to draft all bonds, deeds, obligations, contracts, leases, conveyances, agreements and other legal instruments of whatsoever nature, which may be required of him by any ordinance or order of the council, or which, by law, usage or agreement, the city is to bear the expense of drawing. It shall also be his duty to commence and prosecute all actions and suits to be brought by the city before any tribunal in this commonwealth, and also to appear, defend and advocate the rights and interests of the city, or any officers of the city, in any suit or prosecution for any act, in the discharge of his official duties, wherein any estate, right, privilege, ordinances or acts of the city government may be brought in question. In every prosecution for a breach of a city ordinance he shall appear for the prosecution when the case shall come into the general district court; and he shall perform such other duties as are or may be required of him for the city by any ordinance or resolution of the council. (Code 1959, § 2-33(a))
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