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    Sec. 19-47.16. Financial Responsibility.


    Sec. 19-47.16. Financial responsibility.
    Before a permit is issued, as required by Section 3301.2 of the 2006 Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, the applicant shall furnish proof of liability insurance protection in the sum of $1,000,000 (one million dollars) by the corporation counsel for the payment of all damages which may be caused either to a person or persons or to property by reason of the permitted activity, and arising from any acts of the permit applicant, the permit applicant's agents, employees or subcontractors. Such policy shall name the City of Lynchburg, its agents, employees and assignees as additional insured’s, in such form, amount and coverage in each case to indemnify those named above against any damages arising from the permitted activity. (Ord. of 7-8-08, No. O-08-099)
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