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    Sec. 19-47.10. Fire Flow.


    Sec. 19-47.10. Fire flow.
    Calculated fire flow requirements for all proposed new construction and/or change of use group shall be submitted as part of the city’s technical review board committee (TRC) process to the fire marshal and director of utilities for review and approval. The estimated fire flow can be established using the Insurance Services Office (ISO) "Guide for Determination of Needed Fire Flow," latest revision, NFPA 291, or the current adoption of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code as amended by the City of Lynchburg to included Appendix B of the International Fire Code. Fire flows must also be analyzed under the maximum expected conditions in accordance with the City of Lynchburg – Manual of Specifications and Standard Details, latest revision. All TRC projects shall have fire flows calculated submitted to the fire marshal and director of utilities for approval during the TRC process. The calculations shall include calculations verifying the required fire flow and pressures can be achieved. All calculations shall be sealed by a professional engineer. Calculations for subdivisions shall be submitted during the RWS plan review process. (Ord. of 7-8-08, No. O-08-099)
    Last updated date: 8/6/2008 4:22:05 PM