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    Sec. 18-26. Charges and Credits on Accounts of Officers who Collect City Revenues; Certain Powers and Duties Enumerated.


    Sec. 18-26. Charges and credits on accounts of officers who collect city revenues; certain powers and duties enumerated.
    (a) The director shall charge each officer whose duty it is to collect the revenues of the city from any source whatsoever with the whole amount which it is the duty of such officer to endeavor to collect, and shall credit him with all collections made by him and paid over to the city collector. All officers whose duty it is so to collect, shall, at such times as the city ordinances may require or the director may demand, submit to him reports of such collections, accompanied with the receipts of the collector for payments. Credits shall also be allowed to the collector for all taxes or other claims in his hands, which may be duly ascertained to be uncollectible and returned as such.
    (b) When moneys on hand belonging to the city, in the opinion of the director, justify his doing so, the director may invest or reinvest city funds in accord with provisions of all applicable laws; provided that the director shall provide council with a synopsis of each such investment within a reasonable time after such investment is made. Whenever the use of the money, or any part thereof, is required by the city, the director is authorized and empowered to endorse such certificates of deposit or sell such securities, or any one or more thereof, and to deposit directly the proceeds therefrom to the credit of the city in the same bank which issued the certificate of deposit or through which the securities were purchased and held for safekeeping on behalf of the city.
    (c) The director shall be the custodian of all bonds, notes, choses in action and other assets of the city, and he shall be specially chargeable with the assets belonging to the sinking fund.
    (d) It shall be the duty of the director to place insurance on the city properties, subject to the council's approval; to have custody of the insurance policies; to arrange temporary loans in accordance with the resolutions and ordinances of the council and the financial requirements of the city; to pass upon, approve or disapprove all orders issued through the purchasing office; to approve and cause to be secured all official bonds required on any officers or employees of the city; and, to exercise control and supervision of all accounting matters not otherwise specifically delegated. He shall at all times have access to voucher records of the council and all other documents and records of the city required for the proper conduct of his duties. (Code 1959, § 12-17; Ord. of 7-10-79)
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