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    Sec. 18-20. Checks.


    Sec. 18-20. Checks.
    All balances found by the director to be due from the city shall be paid by check drawn by the director or his duly authorized designee and countersigned by the city manager or his duly authorized designee, stating to whom payable and from what account the same is payable; and no money, including interest on the funded debt, shall be drawn from the treasury, except on the check of the director as aforesaid, and no check shall be so given by the director, unless authorized by the council. The director may select other appropriate devices to place such signatures upon the checks. Such device shall be kept so that no one shall have access thereto other than the officers herein authorized to sign checks. Before giving any such check the director shall take care that the payee is not indebted to the city for taxes or other debts, or if indebted, that the amount so due the city is deducted from the checks. (Code 1959, § 12-11; Ord. No. O-81-106 § 1, 5-26-81; Ord. No. O-02-144, 8-13-02)
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