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    Sec. 17-5. Failure to Maintain Fences.


    Sec. 17-5. Failure to maintain fences.
    If any person, whose duty it shall be to make or keep in good repair any fence or part of a fence, shall refuse or neglect so to do for five (5) days after request being made by the other party interested, or his agent, then it shall be lawful for the party so making request as aforesaid to make or repair the whole fence, or part of a fence, and to recover one-half the expense thereof from the person so refusing or neglecting; provided, that any fence erected under authority of this section shall conform to the provisions of chapter 11 and shall be at the expense of the party making such addition thereto; and, provided further, that the expense of making such fence shall not exceed fifty cents ($0.50) per lineal foot, except by consent of the parties aforesaid. (Code 1959, § 11-4)
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