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    Sec. 16.3-9. Limitations of Responsibility.


    Sec. 16.3-9. Limitations of responsibility.
    (a) The city shall be responsible only for the portions of the stormwater system that are in city maintained street rights-of-way, permanent stormwater easements conveyed to and accepted by the city, or as otherwise explicitly stated in a written agreement with the city. Repairs and improvements to the drainage system shall be in accordance with established standards, policies and schedules.
    (b) The city’s acquisition of permanent storm drainage easements and/or the construction or repair by the city of stormwater control measures and drainage facilities does not constitute a warranty against stormwater hazards, including, but not limited to, flooding, erosion or standing water. (Ord. of 12-13-2011, Ord. No. O-11-138)
    Last updated date: 12/15/2011 9:32:46 AM