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    Sec. 16.3-5. Assessment of Stormwater Utility Charge.


    Sec. 16.3-5.  Assessment of stormwater utility charge.
    Adequate revenues shall be generated to provide for a balanced operating and capital improvement budget for the stormwater utility by setting sufficient levels of utility fees. Income from utility fees shall not exceed actual costs incurred in providing the services and facilities described in Sec. 16.3-4. Utility fees shall be charged to owners or occupants of all developed property in the city.
    (a) SFU area established. The single-family unit (SFU) area is hereby established to be 2,672 square feet of impervious surface area.
    (b) The utility fee for each property shall be the SFU rate times the stormwater fee factor for each individual property.
    (c) The SFU rate shall be $4.00 per month.
    (d) The stormwater fee factor shall be as follows:
    Property Type

    Impervious Area on Property (in square feet)

    Stormwater Fee Factor
    Detached single-family residential Less than 1,300 0.5
    Detacted single-family residential 1,301 to 4,300 1.0
    Detacted single-family residential
    Greater than 4,301
    Duplex   0.5 per unit
    Triplex, Quadplex, and Mobile Homes   0.7 per unit
    Condominiums and Townhomes   0.33 per unit
    Apartments or 5 or more units and all nonresidential property   As defined in 16.3-5 (e)
    Undeveloped property   0.0
    (e) The stormwater fee factor for apartment properties of 5 or more units and for all nonresidential properties shall be equal to the impervious area of the property in square feet divided by the SFU area of 2,672 square feet, rounded to the nearest 0.1, except that the minimum factor shall be 1.0. For example a nonresidential property of 10,000 square feet of impervious area shall have a stormwater fee factor of 10,000 divided by 2,672, or a stormwater fee factor of 3.7.
    (f) The utility fee for unoccupied developed property, both residential and nonresidential, shall be the same as that for occupied property of the same class.  (Ord. of 12-13-2011, Ord. No. O-11-138; Ord. No. O-12-040, 4-24-12, eff. 7-1-12)
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