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    Sec. 16.3-3. Definitions.


    Sec. 16.3-3. Definitions.
    For the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:
    (1) “Developed property” means real property that has been altered from its "natural" state by the addition of any improvements such as buildings, structures and other impervious surfaces. For new construction, property shall be considered developed pursuant to this section upon issuance of the certificate of occupancy (CO), temporary CO or equivalent.
    (2) “Developed detached single-family residential property” means a developed lot or parcel containing one (1) residence or dwelling unit, and accessory uses related to but subordinate to the purpose of providing permanent dwelling facilities.
    (3) “Developed multi-family residential property” means developed property containing more than one (1) residence or dwelling unit, and accessory uses related to but subordinate to the purpose of providing permanent dwelling facilities. Such property shall include duplexes, triplexes, quadruplexes, townhomes, apartments, condominiums and mobile homes.
    (4) “Developed nonresidential property” means developed property which does not serve a primary purpose of providing permanent dwelling units. Such property shall include, but not be limited to, commercial properties, industrial properties, parking lots, recreational and cultural facilities, hotels, offices, hospitals, institutions, schools and churches.
    (5) “Impervious surface area” means a man-made surface composed of any material that significantly impedes or prevents natural infiltration of water into soil. Impervious cover includes, but is not limited to, roofs, buildings, concrete, asphalt, gravel surfaces that are or may become compacted, or managed or artificial turf athletic fields that have an underdrain system.
    (6) “Revenues” means all rates, fees, assessments, rentals or other charges or other income received by the utility, in connection with the management and operation of the system, including amounts received from the investment or deposit of monies in any fund or account and any amounts contributed by the city, fees-in-lieu-of provided by developers or individual residents and the proceeds from sale of bonds.
    (7) “Single-family unit” or “SFU” means the equivalent impervious area of a detached single-family residential developed property per dwelling unit located within the city based on the statistical average horizontal impervious area of this residence in the city. SFU value in square feet of impervious surface area will be established by city council resolution.
    (8) “SFU rate” means the utility fee charged on a single-family unit.
    9) “Stormwater fee factor” means a factor multiplied by the SFU rate to determine the monthly billing rate for each property.
    (10) “Stormwater system” or “system” means the stormwater infrastructure and equipment of the city and all improvements thereto for stormwater control in the city. Infrastructure and equipment shall include structural and natural stormwater control systems of all types, including, without limitation, retention basins, sewers, conduits, pipelines, pumping and ventilation stations, and other plants, structures and real and personal property used for support of the system. The system does not include privately owned ditches, drainage systems or stormwater systems, unless otherwise explicitly stated by written agreement with the city.
    (11) “Stormwater utility” or “utility” means the enterprise fund created by this section to operate, maintain and improve the city's stormwater system.
    (12) “Undeveloped property” means any parcel which has not been altered from its natural state to disturb or alter the topography or soils on the property in a manner which substantially reduces the rate of infiltration of stormwater into the earth.
    (13) “Utility fees” means any permit or local program fees as allowed by State Code, and the monthly service charges based on the SFU rate applied to all developed properties all as more fully described in sub-paragraphs (1) through (4) of this section. (Ord. of 12-13-2011, Ord. No. O-11-138)
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