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    Sec. 16.2-76. Violations and Penalties.


    Sec. 16.2-76. Violations and penalties.
    (a) A willful violation of the provisions of this article shall constitute a Class 1 misdemeanor. Each day that a continuing violation of this article is maintained or permitted to remain shall constitute a separate offense.
    (b) Any person who commits any act prohibited by this article shall be liable to the city for all costs of detecting, tracing, testing, containment, cleanup, abatement, removal, and disposal of any substance unlawfully discharged into the storm sewer system.
    (c) Any person who commits any act prohibited by this article shall be subject to a civil penalty in an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for each day that a violation exists. The city may issue a summons for the collection of the civil penalty and the action may be prosecuted in the local courts. Any civil penalties assessed by a court as a result of a summons issued by the city shall be paid into the treasury of the city for the purpose of abating, preventing or mitigating environmental pollution.
    (d) The city may bring legal action to enjoin the continuing violation of and to insure compliance with the provisions of this chapter, including injunction, abatement or other appropriate action or proceeding. The existence of any other remedy, at law or in equity, shall be no defense to any such action.
    (e) The administrator and/or his or her designee(s) shall have authority to order that any activity found to be in violation of this article be stopped or conducted in such a manner as to avoid the discharge of any illicit materials into the storm sewer system.
    (f) Any discharge caused or permitted to exist in violation of any provisions of this article constitutes a threat to the public health, safety and welfare, and is hereby declared and deemed a public nuisance. Following receipt of written notice of such nuisance from the administrator and/or his or her designee(s), if the responsible person fails to abate or obviate such nuisance, then the city may do so and charge and collect the cost thereof from the responsible person, in any manner provided by law (including, without limitation, any manner provided by law for the collection of state or local taxes).
    (g) The remedies set forth in this section shall be cumulative, not exclusive, and it shall not be a defense to any action, civil or criminal, that one or more of the remedies set forth herein has been sought or granted. (Ord. No. O-07-032, 3-13-07; Ord. No. O-14-070, 6-10-14)