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    Sec. 16.2-5. Scope of Chapter.


    Sec. 16.2-5. Scope of chapter.
    For land development projects that disturb five thousand (5,000) square feet or more of land area, no person shall develop any land for residential, commercial, industrial or institutional use without having provided for appropriate stormwater management measures that control or manage stormwater runoff quality, quantity, and velocity as provided within this article, except those development ctivities exempted in accordance with Sec. 16.2-9(c)2, 16.2-9(c)3, 16.2-9(c)4, 16.2-9(c)5, 16.2-9(c)6, 16.2-9(c)7, 16.2-9(c)8. A VSMP authority permit is only required for projects that disturb one acre or more of land or are part of a common plan of development except as provided in Sec. 16.2-9(b). (Ord. No. O-14-070, 6-10-14)