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    Sec. 16.2-42. Performance Bond Required.


    Sec. 16.2-42. Performance bond required.
    (a) All applicants shall submit to the City of Lynchburg a performance bond with surety, cash escrow, letter of credit, or such other legal arrangement acceptable to the city attorney, to ensure that measures could be taken by the city at the applicant's expense should the applicant fail, after proper notice, within the time specified to initiate or maintain appropriate actions which may be required of the applicant by the approved stormwater management plan.
    (b) If the City of Lynchburg takes such action upon such failure by the applicant, the city may collect from the applicant the costs of such action in excess of the amount of the security held.
    (c) Within sixty (60) days of the completion of the requirements of the approved stormwater management plan, including necessary stabilization, the bond, cash escrow, letter of credit or other legal arrangement, or the unexpended or unobligated portion thereof, shall be refunded to the applicant or terminated.
    (d) These requirements are in addition to all other provisions of law relating to the issuance of such plans and are not intended to otherwise affect the requirements for such plans. (Ord. No. O-01-079, 4-24-01, eff. 5-1-01)