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    Sec. 16.2-38. Plan Contents.


     Sec. 16.2-38.  Plan contents.
    The following information, where applicable, shall be required for each proposed project subject to review under this ordinance.   Stormwater management plans (maps, plans, designs and calculations) shall be appropriately sealed and signed by a professional in adherence to all minimum standards and requirements pertaining to the practice of that profession in accordance with Chapter 4 (54.1-400 et seq.) of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia and attendant regulations.
    (a)  General:
    (1)  General description of the project.
    (2)  General description of the erosion and sediment controls.
    (3)  Information on type/location of stormwater discharges, information on features to which stormwater is being discharged, including surface waters or karst features if present, and predevelopment/postdevelopment drainage areas.
    (4)  General description of temporary and permanent stormwater management facilities and the mechanism through which the facilities will be operated and maintained after construction is complete.
    (5)  Information on proposed stormwater management facilities, including (i) type of facilities; (ii) location, including geographic coordinates; (iii) acres treated; and (iv) surface waters or karst features into which the facility will discharge
    (6)  Project schedule and narrative, including a sequence of construction.
    (7)  Names and contact information, including email addresses of the project owner, and the submitting agent.
    (8)  The acreage of the disturbed area of the project.
    (9)  An estimate of the amount of security for a bond or other instrument based on current construction costs; however, the City may use an average cost to determine this amount.  The City shall not be required to use this estimated amount as its bond requirement.
    (b)  Technical:
    (1)  Map or maps of the project area showing:
    a.  The watershed in which the project site is located using hydrologic unit maps (as found in the design protocol manual) and the boundary of the drainage area tributary to the project site using United States Geological Survey quadrangle map or City of Lynchburg topography for offsite areas.
    b. Contributing drainage areas;
    c. The location of the project relative to significant features in the general surroundings such as roads, adjacent land uses, property lines, existing manmade structures and public facilities.
    d. Existing contours at two (2)-foot intervals for the on-site area.
    e. Existing streams, lakes, ponds, culverts, ditches, drainage swales, wetlands, other water bodies, floodplains, and other physical features within or adjacent to the project area.
    f. Unique, unusual, or environmentally sensitive features that provide particular opportunities or constraints for development.
    g. Soil types, geologic formations if karst features are present in the area, forest cover and other vegetative areas.
    h. Sufficient information on adjoining parcels to assess impacts of stormwater from the site on these parcels;
    i. Current land use including existing structures, roads, locations of known utilities, sewers water lines and easements.
    j. General alterations in the natural terrain, cover, and grade including lawns and other landscaping.
    k. The location of proposed buildings, roads, parking areas, utilities and other permanent structures.
    l. Proposed contours at two (2)-foot intervals.
    m. All stormwater management facilities including details, plan, profile, and cross-sections.
    n. If any infiltration facilities are proposed, the locations of existing and proposed wells and septic system drain fields must be shown.
    o. Limits of construction, clearing and grading and proposed drainage patterns on site. 
    p. Proposed land use with tabulation of percentage of surface area to be adapted to various uses, including but not limited to planned locations of utilities, roads and easements. (Ord. No. O-01-079, 4-24-01, eff. 5-1-01; Ord. No. O-07-047, 4-10-07; Ord. No. O-14-070, 6-10-14)