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    Sec. 16.2-10. Establishment of a stormwater management program

    (a) Pursuant to § 62.1-44.15:27 of the Code of Virginia, the City of Lynchburg hereby establishes a Virginia stormwater management program for land-disturbing activities and adopts the applicable regulations that specify standards and specifications for VSMPs promulgated by the State Board  for  the purposes  set  out  in  Section  16.2-1  of this  Ordinance. The City of Lynchburg hereby designates the ESC Program Administrator or designee as the Administrator of the Virginia stormwater management program.
    (b) No VSMP authority permit shall be issued by the Administrator, until the following items have been submitted to and approved by the Administrator as prescribed herein:
    (1) A permit application that includes a general permit registration statement;
    (2) An  erosion  and  sediment  control  plan  approved  in  accordance  with  the  City of Lynchburg’s erosion and sediment control ordinance as found in City Code Chapter 16.1; and
    (3) A stormwater management plan approved in accordance with section 16.2-20 of this
    (c) No VSMP authority permit shall be issued until evidence of general permit coverage is obtained.
    (d) No VSMP authority permit shall be issued until the fees required to be paid pursuant to section 16.2-56, are received, and a reasonable performance bond required pursuant to section 16.2-42 of this ordinance has been submitted.
    (e) No VSMP authority permit shall be issued unless and until the permit application and attendant materials and supporting documentation demonstrate that all land clearing, construction, disturbance, land development and drainage will be done according to the approved permit.
    (f)  No grading, building or other local permit shall be issued for a property unless a VSMP
    authority permit has been issued by the administrator. (Ord. No. O-14-070, 6-10-14)