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    Sec. 16.1-8. Terms beginning with "S" through "Z."


    Sec. 16.1-8. Terms beginning with "S" through "Z."
    (a) Single-family residence: A noncommercial dwelling that is occupied exclusively by one (1) family and not part of a residential subdivision development.
    (b) Stabilized: An area expected to withstand normal exposure to atmospheric conditions without incurring erosion damage.
    (c) State erosion and sediment control program or state program: The program administered by the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board pursuant to the state code including regulations designed to minimize erosion and sedimentation.
    (d) State waters: All waters on the surface and under the ground wholly or partially within or bordering the Commonwealth or within its jurisdictions.
    (e) Subdivision: Division of any tract, parcel or lot of land into two (2) or more parts at one time or any extended period of time; except, however:
    (1) The term "subdivision" shall not include the division of land into ten (10) acres or more for agricultural purposes, provided no new streets are required;
    (2) The agent may, however, permit the separation of one (1) parcel from a tract of land without complying with all requirements of this chapter if it is (a) not in conflict with the general meaning and purpose of the chapter, and (b) no new streets are required to serve the parcel; and
    (3) The word "subdivide" and any derivative thereof shall have reference to the term "subdivision" as defined in Section 24.1-5(26) of the subdivision ordinance.
    (f) Transporting: Any moving of earth materials from one place to another place, other than such movement incidental to grading, when such movement results in destroying the vegetative ground cover either by tracking or the buildup of earth materials to the extent that erosion and sedimentation will result from the soil or earth materials over which such transporting occurs.
    (g) Water quality volume: The volume equal to the first one-half inch of runoff multiplied by the impervious surface of the land development project. (Ord. No. O-93-039, 2-9-93; Ord. No. O-01-080, 4-24-01, eff. 5-1-01; Ord. No. O-09-121, 10-13-09)
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