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    Sec. 16.1-11. Administrative Procedures: Conditions for Approval.


    Sec. 16.1-11. Administrative procedures: conditions of approval.
    Each plan approved by a locality shall be subject to the following conditions:
    (a) The applicant shall comply with all applicable requirements of the approved plan, the local program, these regulations and shall certify that all land clearing, construction, land development and drainage will be done according to the approved plan. Certification by a licensed design professional is required for all land disturbing activities where it is anticipated that the effects of erosion will have a significant detrimental impact on adjacent properties. It is the responsibility of the licensed design professional to insure that the plan meets or exceeds all the criteria outlined in this chapter.
    (b) The land development project shall be conducted only within the area specified in the approved plan.
    (c) The locality shall be allowed, after giving notice to the owner, occupier or operator of the land development project, to conduct periodic inspections of the project.
    (d) No transfer, assignment or sale of the rights granted by virtue of an approved plan shall be made unless a written notice of transfer is filed with the locality and the transferee certifies agreement to comply with all obligations and conditions of the approved plan. (Ord. No. O-93-039, 2-9-93; Ord. No. O-01-080, 4-24-01, eff. 5-1-01)
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