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    Sec. 15-1. City Wires.


    Sec. 15-1. City wires.
    The uppermost zone on every pole of a telephone and telegraph company and the lowermost zone on every electric light and power pole shall at all times be reserved for the free use of the city in stringing its fire alarm signal or police signal and telegraph wires; and no person shall run any wire, within less than twenty-six (26) inches of them; but, whenever it becomes necessary to move the city wires for any reason, the person for whose benefit they are moved shall, at the expense of such person, provide for them a place at least twenty-six (26) inches from them, and shall notify the building and maintenance superintendent who shall supervise and direct the moving of such wires, so that they shall at all times occupy a safe location. Any person running or placing their wires within less than twenty-six (26) inches of the city wires, or moving the city wires except under the supervision and direction of the building and maintenance superintendent, or refusing or failing, to move its own wires when placed or strung in violation of this section, shall be deemed guilty of a class 4 misdemeanor. (Code 1959, § 10-1)
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