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    Sec. 12-54. Issuance; Bond.


    Sec. 12-54. Issuance; bond.
    Upon receipt of the application for a certificate required by this division and agreement mentioned in sect ion 12-52, after hearing, and upon a showing that the public convenience and necessity require and justify the operation applied for, the city manager may, with the approval of the city council, issue a certificate, in form approved by the city attorney, authorizing the applicant to operate buses as herein provided for, upon the filing with the city manager of a bond, with surety approved by the city attorney, in the sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) conditioned that the applicant will conform to and comply with each and every one of the conditions and provisions of this article, and will indemnify and save harmless the city or any person from any and all claims, demands or judgments on account of injuries or damages occasioned by the negligence of such applicant. Upon the filing and approval of such bond, the same shall at all times be kept in force and effect for the full amount of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00). In the event that suit shall be brought against the city, either independently or jointly with the operator hereunder, such operator, upon notice to such operator by the city, will defend the city in such suit at the cost of such operator, and in event of a final judgment being obtained against the city, either independently or jointly with such operator, then such operator shall pay such judgment with all costs and hold the city harmless therefrom. The company shall also carry adequate public liability insurance. (Code 1959, § 7-2 (c))
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