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    Sec. 12-53. Hearing.


    Sec. 12-53. Hearing.
    Upon the filing of an application for a certificate required by the provisions of this division, the city council shall, within a reasonable time, fix a time and place of hearing on such application. Notice of the time and place of hearing on such application shall be given to the public by publication in a newspaper published in the city once a week for two (2) successive weeks, the last publication to appear at least three (3) days before the day of such hearing. Notice shall also be given to any and all existing certificate holders, which notice may be served on, or acknowledged by, any resident official or attorney of any such certificate holders. The notice required in this section shall not be necessary in granting a certificate to a person operating a street railway under an unexpired franchise with the city and who agrees to the cancellation of such franchise and the operation of motorbuses under the terms of this article. (Code 1959, § 7-2 (b))
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